Colonial Woods Missionary Church is a member of the Missionary Church, Inc.

This denomination was organized in its present form as a result of the 1969 merger

of the Missionary Church Association and the United Missionary Church. Many of the

earlier members were Mennonites who had been caught up in a religion of empty

form and declining tradition. They sensed the need for revival and were a part of the

movement that swept across North America in the late nineteenth century.


Locally, Colonial Woods was started by two "ministering sisters", Mary Yousey and Ella

Ditty, who arrived in Port Huron in 1896 and started a little mission in a store front.  Our

first church building was built in 1898 on the corner of 11th and Ward St.  where a 

clergyman ordered one beam of lumber be delivered for a total of fifty cents.  When

the owner of the lumberyard learned of this strange order, he went to the church lot

only to find the clergyman praying over the beam putting the need for the rest of the materials, as well as the the needs of his family, in the hands of the Lord.  The lumberyard owner, so moved by this simple act of faith, donated the rest of the building materials as well as $500 to start the building of what was then called the Port Huron Mennonite Breathren in Christ.  


Over the following years the church would undergo a number of changes from building remodels, to expansions, to changing their name to the United Missionary Church in 1949.  In the late sixties it became clear that there was no longer enough room in the building to hold the congregation so in 1968 the church bought a parcel of land on Pine Grove Avenue and began the construction and move into the larger building.  With the new building came a new name, "Colonial Woods Missionary Church".


Over the years Colonial Woods has received various remodels and expansions.  

We have grown from a church of 25 members

in 1898 to a church of over 2,000 men, women

and children who are regular attenders.  We

have had 22 pastors, have existed on two

separate pieces of land, made renovations on

each building three times, and have seen the

congreagation grow to almost 70 times as many

people.  Yet in spite of the growth and change

that has taken place over the past 100 years,

one thing has stayed the same since our

humble beginnings with our forefathers: our

love for Christ and our passion for seeing His

Word preached.


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