“The internship allowed me to grow in my faith and

allowed me to find the purpose that God has for my life.

The staff and church body are so loving and personal.

It is obvious that this internship is intentional and is

meant to build disciples. I'd go back in a heartbeat.”      

-Sarah Schoettle, class of 2013


“"When entering into the CW Summer Internship, there

were so many aspects of my life that seemed uncertain.

During my summer at CW I was pushed to limits far beyond any I had previously known. I was challenged to create, connect, and serve alongside a team in a capacity that I would have never been able to experience if it had not been for Colonial Woods. I believe my biggest revelations came at the end of my summer. I realized that through every challenge, every stretching situation, my love and passion for serving, speaking with, and interacting with the children never wavered. I will never forget that summer! It was a summer where I felt an unquestionable call to ministry, a summer where I was forced to rely on God's strength as opposed to my own. It was a summer that drastically changed the trajectory of my life. "

 -Jennifer Miller, class of 2015


“I would say that my internship with CWMC was such a great experience! I loved that the first time I met the youth group that they took me in as one of their own. Everyone is so welcoming and loving, it definitely made me feel right at home. The internship really help mature my walk with God and gave me a glimpse of what the real world after college will kind of look like. I would suggest this internship over any others to anyone who would ask.”  -Amanda Yoder, class of 2012


“As I look back at my time interning there, the thing that I remember most, were the interaction with the leadership there. To be honest, I don't remember any of the training times, what was taught in those lessons, or anything that happened in them but what I remember were the things said to me, one on one with the leadership there. The Godly wisdom and insight that was spoken out of their personal walk with Christ, there personal experiences. To me being able to walk along side of that, was the most impactful for me. I still remember Pastor Phil pulling me aside and telling me that in this time before I dive into full time ministry, be sure to dig my well deep. The well of my knowledge and understand of God's word. For if it is dug deep, it will provide water for generations to come.”  -Jordan Pearson, class of 2006


“If you're looking for a church that will invest in you and show you practical ways to apply your faith in a local church setting with men and women that live what they teach, look no further than Colonial Woods Internship Program.”  -Jonathan Seller, class of 2006


“Being a part of Colonial Woods over the years has taught be MANY things. I think the biggest thing that I learned from the experience in its entirety is that I LOVE teaching, in fact one of my goals is to one day become a professor or teacher. I never would have found that passion to give and serve in that way if it hadn't been for my time with you guys.”  -Brenden Bell, class of 2008


"During my CW internship, I learned that my desire for ministry wasn’t meant to just be a hobby; it was a calling on my life. The people I met became a second family as they equipped me even more for Kingdom work. I left not only with more experience, but also with a confidence in the skills God placed in me. I don’t know what I was expecting, but what I got was above and beyond my imagination. One of the best decisions I ever made." -Andrea Neumayer, class of 2016


“I specifically remember Pastor Phil's one-on-one training time where he shared his thoughts about "doing the hard work , now." This has stuck with me. Are there times that the thought of cheating pops up? Yes! however, this thought crosses my mind and I too dig deep into the Word and look to grow deeper into the Lord. Thank you CWMC!”   -Steve Sabens, class of 2010



We started back in 2006 and have had many different men and women come through our internship program over the years; many of them now in full time ministry themselves.  We figured it'd help to hear what they have to say about their experiences so here are a few of their testimonials about the CW Internship Program:

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